Chiropractic is so much more than the improvement of back related pain. We help your body function at the best it can be by releasing tension and creating balance within our systems- after all it is all connected. When our bodies are functioning at their best, we feel good, perform well physically & mentally, can deal with stress better, are more resistant to injury, and there are less symptoms such as headaches, back pain, sciatic pain etc. Life is better when our body functions correctly.

We see clients of all varieties and ages.

We also know that sleep quality, nutrition, hydration, stress, environment are key factors in helping our body to function well, so these can be things we focus on too.

Standard Appointment: $50

ACC Appointment: $40

(Includes initial appointment)


Can anybody see a Chiropractor?
Absolutely! Anyone that would like the best function from their body. Our clients range from newborn babies to those in their 90s. The care is always suited to the individual client.

Why should I see a Chiropractor?
If you want the best function from your body! Some people seek chiropractic for treatment of a particular symptom. Often as clients see the improvements and benefits of a well functioning body, they maintain their care for maintenance or wellness visits. It is always your choice.

Some symptoms that may indicate there are underlying issues can include:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • headaches or migraines
  • poor sleep quality, poor energy, poor concentration
  • recurrent injuries
  • sciatic/symptoms radiating down the arm or leg

Rather than ‘fixing‘ a symptom, we aim to restore normal function and get your body functioning well. Usually once this happens, there’s a significant reduction in symptoms. Our aim is to ‘treat the cause not the symptom.’

What is a 'Subluxation'?
This is a chiropractic specific term for an area that has decreased function, causing a decrease in neuro-biomechanical function. Usually these areas present with tension, pain or related symptoms.

Medically, a subluxation is described as a partial subluxation, which can be confusing when the medical and chiropractic definitions are taken out of context or crossed. Our aim is to optimise function through removing subluxations, through specific adjustments.
For research into chiropractic, subluxations and the effects of sensorimotor integration post adjustment, see

What is an adjustment? What is the noise? Does it hurt?
This is a hands on move done by the chiropractor to restore proper function of a spinal joint, improving movement and function.

At times, this may give a ‘pop’ sound which is a cavitation of the joint space. This happens when nitrogen gas (a byproduct of the synovial fluid in the joint capsule) moves from the joint space rapidly. It is entirely safe and usually it is painless. If the joint has surrounding inflammation it can be slightly tender. It’s our priority that you are comfortable when we’re working together for best results.
Another form of adjusting is using the drop table. Or the activator (an adjusting instrument).

Are x-rays required?
Generally not. If there's clinical justification for x-rays (such as a major trauma or complex case history) we will refer you to Medex Radiology at Matamata Medical Centre. If you have previous x-rays that are relevant, please bring them along.

Are you ACC registered?
Yes. We accept existing ACC claims where the date of injury is within the last 12 months.

If a recent injury has occurred, we can lodge your claim also. Please talk to us for questions.

But somebody told me Chiropractic is old school/not safe/not science/not recommended...
See our ‘Research’ tab!

Our chiropractors are registered, qualified, and are continually staying up to date with latest research & techniques. Chiropractic care is extremely safe with some of the highest satisfaction rates in provider healthcare. Please talk to us for any concerns that you may have.

Pregnancy, Babies & Children

Svetlana is proficient in pregnancy massage which can be beneficial in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Have a chat to us if you have any further questions.

Newborns & preggy’s can be the most challenging yet rewarding clients of chiropractic and is a reason we love chiropractic. Lily and Kellee have extra training in this department, as its important to have a well rounded understanding and adaptable techniques. Chiropractic can be so beneficial during this stage of life.


Chiropractic is safe through all trimesters of pregnancy, as well as pre conception and post partum. Mums and their bumps are often seen coming in and out of our office. It is such an intense yet amazing time, usually with additional physical and hormonal stresses on the body which can make pregnancy extra tricky. We are here to support you. Common complaints are pubic symphysis dysfunction, hip/low back pain, sciatic-like symptoms, ligament pain and hormonal headaches. Our aim isn’t to ‘fix‘ these symptoms, but rather to restore balance and often these are minimised or resolved. We encourage you to talk to your midwife (or specialist) about it as an option for you.

Often post partum mums seek our care. There is no time too soon after birth (regardless of mode of delivery) as our methods are gentle and always tailored for you- the main thing is that you feel ready and comfortable. After about 3 months (depending on individual circumstances), a lot of mums feel confident to start doing some pre baby activities such as gentle exercise and walking/running- this can also be a beneficial time to have a chiropractic appointment.

We often recommend Smileybelts, swiss ball exercises and sleeping with a pillow between your knees. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Birth is such a unique and individual experience for both mums (both physically and mentally) and babies too. Being in utero, then the birth process and adapting to the outside world is a huge process which can have problems along the way. We often see newborns for general checks, as well as suspected discomfort in the carseat, restricted head rotation, breastfeeding/latch complaints, retained wind etc. Some births include intervention such as forceps, ventouse, and emergency C sections which chiropractic can be beneficial.

Chiropractic care for babies follows the same idea as for any other person, to restore normal function and balance and remove tension. Since babies are so cartilaginous with different joint complexes to a mature adult, chiropractic is extremely gentle, often using pressure points, dural stretches gentle cranial/body work. As babies develop, our methods are altered to suit them.

Baby Harry is 17 hours old- the morning after entering this world. Day 1. Kellee (chiropractor) came to the Birthing Centre to give him his first chiropractic check & adjustment (and mum too!). So gentle and low force.

2 weeks later at a follow up appointment at Connected Chiropractic with Kellee (chiropractor).

Dozing & relaxed after his appointment. 15 days old.


Growing toddlers and children are often dealing with rapid growth, knocks and falls and heavy school bags etc. It’s great for development. Children tend to enjoy their visits!



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