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Jane Aston


Jane is our Insight Spinal Scan operator and Administrator. She is essentially the glue that keeps Connected Wellness together, and the first face you will see when you come into Connected Chiropractic.  She operates the Insight Spinal Scans which are usually taken during the initial appointment, and utilised by our chiropractors to aide with the care they give.
Jane also takes care of the administration at the front desk and handles the appointment scheduling.

Jane can also be a very willing pair of hands to hold a baby, or help out in any way, should this be needed during appointments.  Please contact her for any queries or further information.

Kellee Fisher


Kellee is a valued member of our team, who has worked with us over the last few years at Connected Chiropractic, along with her partner Josh.  Kellee moved to Tasmania for a year to broaden her horizons and see how the Australians do chiropractic, before moving back to this region of New Zealand to be closer to her family and our beautiful outdoors.  Kellee also has a passion for pregnancy and pediatrics, as well as working with an array of clients.

Kellee trained at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, and is a keen horse rider and adventure lover in her spare time.

Lily Wright


An interest in human function and general health comes naturally to Lily, so a career in chiropractic is ideal.  Lily considers it a privilege to be involved in the health of our community. After having her own 3 children, she has a special passion in pregnancy & pediatrics and this makes up a big part of our clientele.  We see a wide array of people, which is a bonus of the job and always keeps things interesting.

Lily completed her pre-requisite training at Otago University in Dunedin and then moved to Auckland for a further study at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Ellerslie, graduating in 2014.

Our story

Connected Chiropractic started out as a humble side job from home with a chiropractic table in the spare room in 2014.  Lily was working primarily in Tauranga as a newly graduated chiropractor, but had one day per week at home.  This home day soon filled up with friends and family, and then extended to locals who were looking for a chiropractor. Shortly after getting married and having a first child, Lily then built a house with a purpose built chiropractic office to work from home. This served its purpose extremely well for almost 6 years, where many of our existing clients would have been previously. But 3 kids later and with other chiropractors, such as Kellee and Josh making more of an appearance, the need arose for a new premise.

In 2021, the previous 'Electrico' building on Short Street became converted to our new premise. We absolutely love the extra space and bigger facility here. Jane came on board shortly after and has been an asset to improving the processes, organisation and general vibe.  We are grateful for the other health practitioners that share our space too, and add to the atmosphere. 10 years on, and the passion is as strong as ever.  We pride ourselves on professional, safe and effective chiropractic care for all.


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