Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a simple and safe, natural healthcare system that can be easily learnt by anyone for self-care and the care of family and friends. Reiki is a natural, vibrational, hands on healing practice that supports the body’s self-healing ability by using the presence of universal life force energy.

“The act of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct. When experiencing pain, the first thing most people do is to put their hands on it.” -- Diane Stein- Essential Reiki

Reiki is most often translated as ‘universal life force energy‘, it is a combination of two Japanese words - Rei which means ‘spirit‘ or ‘universe‘, and Ki which means ‘life force energy‘. Universal life force has as many names as there as civilisations but is most often known as Ki, Chi or Prana. When your life force energy is high and flowing freely, you are healthy and happy. If your life force energy is low, you are vulnerable to illness, depression and stress. Reiki works on all bodily levels, the physical body, the mental body and the body of your spirit. Reiki is safe and natural and it has been described as the activating energy of the universe, which can accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal physical ailments and disease as well as ailments of a mental, emotional and spiritual nature.

Reiki Appointment (initial or standard): $90



Note: Reiki practitioners and Hypnotherapists do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe supplements or medication, perform medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you see a Doctor or licensed health care professional for any medical condition you may have.

Hypnosis is a state of trance, which is often described as a state of focused and relaxed awareness anywhere between being awake and being asleep. When a Hypnotherapist assists you into a state of Hypnosis and then presents you with verbal suggestions and visualisations designed to help you in achieving any desired goal, or making any positive change; then that process is called Hypnotherapy.

A person who is willing to accept change may benefit or notice improvement from Hypnotherapy for hundreds of issues, situations, and conditions such as:

  • Changing habits
  • Addictions
  • Insomnia
  • Weight control (Virtual Gastric Band program available)
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD’s)
  • Pain management etc

Initial Consultation Only: $50

Standard Appointment: $150

Virtual Gastric Band Procedure

“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you“ — Janice Trachtman

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Levels of obesity have been on the rise for decades now.

The New Zealand Health Survey 2019/20 found that around 1 in 3 adults (aged 15 years and over) were obese- that’s 30.9%.

Start your Weight Loss Journey today
Established in 2010, and now with over 2500 trained practitioners in 16 countries, The Virtual Gastric Band is a psychology-based hypnotic weight loss programme, designed to simply and radically change how you think about food.

The Virtual Gastric Band is NOT a diet and does NOT involve deprivation.

This hypnotherapy weight loss programme focuses on the resetting of your eating habits; it highlights any unhelpful food associations and helps you make small, realistic changes that you can live with easily.

It uses hypnosis and other psychology-based skills to train your mind to think about food more pragmatically- and results in steady, sustainable weight loss, without dieting and completely naturally.

For many people, dieting and exercising alone aren’t enough to keep the weight off. This hypnotherapy technique is used to apply a virtual gastric band that can help people lose weight by altering their state of mind, with no invasive, physiological impact. For many people, the urge to eat fattening and unhealthy foods stems from their attitudes towards food and these attitudes can be altered with hypnosis to reflect the change you want to achieve. This is what makes hypnosis an excellent method to address some of the underlying reasons for weight gain.

The Virtual Gastric Band alters your responses to food and encourages you to be satisfied on smaller portions.

The new habits you will develop mean that you can be free from thinking about food all of the time and will enable you to enjoy the food you do eat so much more!

If you want to achieve your desired body size and shape and make positive changes to your eating patterns easily and effortlessly, then this program may be for you.

Whether you have just a few kilos to discard or multiple kilos, The Virtual Gastric Band is suitable for almost everyone.

Please be aware that in order for this programme to be successful for you, you must be fully committed, have a strong desire to make positive changes in your eating habits to reinforce a healthy approach to food- this is NOT a diet.

How the programme works:
The hypnotherapy is delivered via four sessions spread over a six to eight week period, to help change your mind set on food and reinforce long-term behaviour change, including smaller portions and regular exercise.

The sessions are highly personalised and tailored to you as an individual- because we are all different and unique.

The hypnosis will address issues that have perhaps derailed your weight management in the past, including snacking and comfort eating.

Your sessions can be carried out in person but may be available over Zoom in the near future.

Hypnosis for weight loss is incredibly safe, effective and popular, and provides a fantastic life-long solution for those who struggle with food habits.

You will be asked to follow some simple guidelines at home. You will also be given hypnotherapy audio to listen to between sessions which will reinforce the changes that you will be making.

After the four session programme, should you desire extra support as you continue your journey, sessions can be arranged to meet long term goals.

Get in touch now- and discover how Catherine can help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Those receiving virtual gastric band hypnotherapy will not only be able to shed the pounds, they will help prevent further health complications, some of them long-term, that can arise from being overweight or obese. It also instils a healthier attitude towards diet and lifestyle so that users can change their life for the better without resorting to dieting or surgery, which can sometimes be disruptive to peoples’ lives.

One potential side effect of surgery is the risk of having to take time off work to recover, whereas employing The Virtual Gastric Band Technique means you will have no recovery time to deal with afterwards- nor any of the pain and discomfort sometimes experienced after surgery.
Increasing levels of self-confidence and self-belief are linked to this method because hypnotherapy treatment entails forming a positive body image.

For many people, gastric band hypnotherapy is about empowering them to make the right decisions to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep their bodies trim. In essence, it is a lifestyle change that is non-invasive and equips the patient with techniques that they can then go on to employ in the future. We know it works from clinical trials (results produced a 95% success rate), making it an excellent form of therapy for those struggling with their weight.

Please Note:

  • Weight loss takes time and effort to be successful.
  • People should seek professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.
  • Individual results may vary.
  • This is your weight loss journey and your full commitment to positive change is vital to your success.
  • Hypnosis is not a magic wand. If you want to continue eating large portions of processed and junk food and fizzy drinks, then this programme isn’t for you.
  • Many clients who undertake this programme, notice that they also make improvements in many other areas of their lives at the same time.

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